Thursday, February 21, 2013

A song inspired by Psalm 119:57

There was a fair bit of cringing going on in my house recently, when I announced to my family that I had written a song, or at least some lyrics. Along with the cringes were cries of "Cliche!" and "Lame!" etc. Oh dear! Well I've never really been into song-writing, so why a song? I'm sure the fact that I'd been reading Simone's blog posts (here and here) about song-writing had a lot to do with it. But also there was just something about when I was reading some of Psalm 119, particularly verse 57, I just felt inspired that it should be sung (it is a Psalm I guess...!), and for some reason some words starting coming to mind. So here it is (I was never good at "killing my darlings")...
You are my portion
You are my peace
You are everything that I need
Teach me LORD to follow your wa
My life is full of burdens
But you can carry the load
I am wearied and weighed down
But you can give me wings
A hole is in my heart
But you can fill the void
My life is full of sin
But you have paid the price
I don't know where to go
But you have paved the road
I cannot speak the words
But you have made my mouth
I stumble and I fall
But your Spirit raises me
My enemies surround
But my sword and shield you'll be
I cannot see my hope
But Christ will return for me
Our world seems such a mess
But when you speak all will be new
(Sorry Simone, I'm sure I broke all the rules of good song-writing!)

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