Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bloesch on Prayer

Well, I've been a bit overtaken by writing assignments. Too much enjoyment before, and not enough self-discipline :-(

Anyhow, one of the books I've been reading for a paper is "The Struggle of Prayer" by Donald G. Bloesch. Here are some quotes I found particularly interesting:

  • p58: "Origen held that Christian prayer, though offered through the Son, should be directed solely to the Father. In my estimation this betrays a false subordinationism which portrays only the Father as without origin and therefore the Logos or Son as less than the Father."
  • p28: "The living and almighty God of the Scriptures knows the course of the future and the fulfillment of the future (including all details), but he does know literally every single event until it happens. He knows every alternative and also exactly what will eventuate, but he does not know this experientially or concretely until he acts in and through the particular even in question."

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