Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Acts 23:2-5 Paul before the Sanhedrin

I'm up to Acts 23 with our English Bible Club. Paul's interactions with Ananias and the Sanhedrin in Acts 23:2-5 are intriguing! Here is what I'm wondering:
  • If we consider Luke paralleling Paul with Christ, how do we explain the difference between Paul's defensive response as compared to Jesus' submissive response? Is it highlighting the imperfection of Paul in contrast to Christ? I don't really like this option as there doesn't seem to be any markers that Paul is doing the wrong thing. Perhaps a better explanation is the change in situation that now Christ is King on the throne, and so now on the offensive compared to His first coming as a servant..?
  • Why did Paul say in 23:5 he did not know that Ananias was the high priest? Was it just because of his eye sight or because he'd wasn't thinking rationally or something? Or was it a use of irony, saying "I couldn't identify you as a high priest by looking at what you are really like"? I actually wonder if it is a subtle accusation about how the Jews did not recognise Jesus as the true high priest and ruler of the people, and reviled Him. I like this last option most, but is it stretching exegesis?

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